Marketplace & Shopping Channel Management

Become a fierce contender
in the online marketplace

Do you know which comparison shopping engines (CSEs) & marketplace is the best for your brand?

We do! Before we share with you the strategy we use to decide that which channel is more effective for your product marketing, we would like to briefly explain you the cost models use by CSEs & marketplaces with advantages.

Comparison shopping engines (CSEs) use CPC (Cost per click model) model. It means you get charge, each time user will click on your product listing. Markeplaces use cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model. It means marketplace will charge you commission for each order buyer will place for the product you listed.

The advantages of listing your product on comparison shopping engines (CSEs) & marketplace is brand awareness and imporve brand visibility, to acquire a new customer and re-market it and to reach highly qualified buyers at an affordable rate.

The question still remains the same that how do we decide that which marketplace & shopping engine is better for your brand to try without wasting money and time? Our brand visibility & awareness techniques remains the same to find the best comparison shopping engines (CSEs) & marketplace for your brand. We analyze and compare inventory management systems, payment services, storefronts and carts, shipping services, email list hosting, consignment services, go thorough the metrics like overall traffic, revenue, conversion rate, cost of sale, average CPC, and merchant response ratings, prepare branding plan & technical tactics, integrate branding with well known comparison shopping engine (CSEs) & marketplace & Go Live.

Read a Comparison Shopping Report from CPC Strategy, the Report gives you complete idea about top comparison shopping engines (CSEs) from Q1 2009 to Q3 2013. Detail compilation of data from more than 4 million clicks and more than $8 million in revenue

We work with best shopping engine and marketplace like Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, Nextag, Pronto, Price Grabber, Become, The Find,, Shopzilla, Bing Shopping, ArtFire, RubyLane, Addoway, Bonanza, Amazon, eBay etc.

Our goal is to work with you to improve your brand awareness, develop stronger customer relationships, increase your sales for each comparison shopping engine (CSE) & marketplace, manage any products that could potentially drain your marketing budget on each CSE & manage listings which need to be kept fresh to avoid selling any out-of-stock or unavailable products.

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