Online Inventory Management Solutions

Get organized behind
the scenes for real-time
inventory in your online store

Smart organization will save your business time, money, and the manpower wasted on hunting down an elusive box that the computer says is there (but that your eyes say is not).

Effective online inventory management is all about knowing what’s on hand, how much is available (quantity), the quality of the products, what prices they sell and have sold for, when to change the price according to market demand, how to deal with out-of-stock items, and other correlated issues.

Many small businesses use Excel or a paper-based planner as an inventory management tool, which is not an effective choice when you have to manage inventory & orders at the same time for multiple channels. You need an automated solution that stays updated in real time. We have an extensive experience working in retail environments and know that manually tracking inventory can make your day-to-day job and operational management tougher than it needs to be.

The faster you can turn over your products, the higher your profit. The inventory management solutions we offer sync with Excel while managing inventory & orders on your storefront as well as on different sales channels. The system we integrate will give you all the reports and data you need to manage multiple channels effectively with less effort. You’ll easily track:

- What you have (and don’t have) available for your customers
- Oversold products
- Update the price as per demand
- The numbers on any item low in stock & notifications when it’s time to order more
- Excess of products & markdowns to move your inventory faste
- Import & export all product details
- Integrate with any e-commerce shopping cart or 3rd-party system
- Manage unlimited inventory items
- Advanced features to manage stock or place orders in a couple of clicks

We can use my experience managing inventory online for different e-commerce websites and marketplaces to integrate automated technologies into your company’s inventory management system. Over the years, we have gained working knowledge of the best comparison shopping engines (CSE) and understand which ones are appropriate for which retail operations. Our comprehensive services – including customized utilization of a web-based inventory management system that’s cost-effective and easy to use – can prove to be the perfect solution to help you manage and grow your business.

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