Web Development

Help customers find their new
favorite store – yours!

Create the most personalized and welcoming virtual shop window for your shoppers by streamlining the sales process.

This is achieved with the use of realistic web development strategies and solid integration of a customer relation management system (CRM).

E-commerce website development starts with considering the needs and wants of you and your consumers. The key elements we analyze to build your secure, customer friendly e-commerce storefront:

- Products & services you plan to offer online
- Marketplaces to sell your products (e.g., Amazon, eBay)
- The quality of your website and navigation structure
- How to match the site design with the product & services you are offering
- Products and offers to promote on the homepage
- How to best organize content
- Sales pitch
- Ideas to attract potential customers
- Product search functionality
- Securing the back-end of your website
- Ensure all items are easily accessible from multiple pathways
- Order processing tools
- Payment methods
- Online inventory management tools (to manage inventory & oversold items)
- Customer relation management system (CRM)

As a digital marketing consultant, it’s our job to understand what will best support your business and to come up with real-time solutions to get the job done.