Customer Rating System

Make every penny count –
not just in the bank,
but in building your brand

When customers share first-hand experiences, others can explore your product’s quality and key features without leaving their chair.

Make it easy for consumers to talk about your brand.

More than 75% of consumers read online reviews before they decide to purchase products online.

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It’s proven that reviews drive sales, and displaying unbiased ratings of your products and services will help consumers with the decision-making process. They will also give you a clear understanding of the needs and wants of your online customers while building a real-time brand promotion strategy to improve sales.

According to Reevoo stats, 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates, and as per iPerceptions’ 2011 report, 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews.

Your product and service ratings boost your market organically too.

1. What do spiders from different search engine look for when crawling your website or product pages? Fresh content. The best way to generate that with no cost to you is letting others post their thoughts to your site or store.
2. Customer reviews increase your site’s CTR (click-through rate). When I wanted to buy a Rado watch to send to my father for his 60th birthday, I simply entered “buy rado watch” and got the result below. The first thing that caught my attention were stars and the review that went with it.
reviews example
3. Did you know that people who leave reviews use the same language commonly used to search for products online? This increases the chance of organically ranking high for relevant keywords.

Many believe that bad reviews are not good for business. That’s true in one respect, but they are helpful in that they give you a chance to know your customers, help them, and create a long-term relationship. Taking care of bad reviews in a respectful way shows prospective buyers that what’s behind the product is a genuine company that really cares about its customers and their happiness.

Read the best success story of reviews: the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt at Amazon

There are many key elements to online marketing and branding awareness. Are you looking for a technically sound marketing specialist to boost your sales by incorporating review snippets perfectly, set up or fine-tune a rating system that works for you on every shopping channel, and show you the way to attract reviews from your best customers?

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