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Customer support is a key ingredient in developing stronger communication with your clients.

Why force your customer to knock on the door of your competitors? Reduce the number of questions answered by humans by 70%, and your agents could be dealing with one-sixth the number of inquiries per day.

Providing great customer service is also essential for increasing conversion. We know the cost, both in time and money, of answering hundreds of thousands of emails monthly. We have experience working with the service industry, setting up systems to support a large customer base, and ultimately improving the quality of customer service.

Let’s look at common customer support issues:

1. It takes too long to answer an email or resolve the issue.
2. Customers have to deal with more than one support specialist and repeat the same information again and again.
3. Customers are calling several times a week to check if an issue is resolved.
4. No one in customer support has the proper answer, or no one knows how to resolve the issue.
5. Customer support specialists force callers to buy something to resolve the issue.
6. The FAQ (and general support center information) is unhelpful, incomplete, or outdated.

To lower the cost of support and lift conversion, you will need a completely web-based customer support solution. This will help marketing and sales teams enhance productivity, offer and improve customer support in different languages, document all customer conversations with agents, enable self-service answers to customer queries, and easily track all customer queries. The resulting customer support system will be easy to launch, to use, and to manage. An extremely capable system will learn patterns and improve over time, helping you efficiently manage customer service agent activity, resulting in stronger client relationships.

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