Web Analytics

Collecting key data empowers
strategic decision-making

Do you track and analyze web activity to find out what’s working and what’s not?

Gathering and analyzing activity on your company website can help you make strategic decisions to engage your customers and thereby increase revenue.

The metrics I track & analyze differ from company to company. In all cases, the metrics help me invest in advertising mediums that are clearly working for your business, but the exact data I seek out is best suited to each website’s needs.

For an informative website, I’ll laser in on how many people visited the website monthly, duration of the visit for each page, geographic location, and what source led them to the website. This information helps me understand what people from different geographic areas like to read, and then I can produce specific articles to engage the target audience.

For an e-commerce storefront, it’s important to compare how many consumers left without finishing their purchase to how many people visited monthly. This ratio helps me tune the shopping funnel and create a more personalized and welcoming virtual shop window to not only attract but retain customers.

While I am tracking and analyzing data, I always ask basic questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? This helps me understand customer behavior and develop a digital marketing focus that fits your business needs.

It’s not enough to track & analyze the data; you need a marketing consultant with thorough technical knowledge who can tailor strategies that fit the reality revealed by the results, adapting all advertising media in order to improve brand awareness, engage customers, and improve sales.

Using advance features of Google analytics, moz, and other website tracking tools, I continually manage, analyze, and create realistic strategies to achieve the goals set with my clients to strengthen their online presence.

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