Why Hire Me As A Digital Marketing Expert?

We live in a highly competitive world, especially in the crowded, fast-paced online business industry. An experienced and creative consultant can help your brand stand out from the countless others competing for your target market’s attention. To reach its peak potential, your company needs an digital marketing expert – someone who can attack your online marketing campaign from all sides using every tool and every technique that will support stable growth.
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Experience + Versatility

Experience + Versatility


I have 14 years of online branding experience. My satisfied clients include large corporations, small businesses, and enterprises of all sizes in between. My comprehensive digital marketing campaigns are custom designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your business or product will stand out within your industry and grab your target audience’s attention.

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Skillful Use of the Tools of the Trade

Skillful Use of the Tools of the Trade


As the go-to expert for digital marketing campaigns, I combine the latest tools with my knowledge of both technical and management language to deliver a complete marketing package. My Yantras, the tools I use to build quality marketing strategies, include:

+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Search Engine Marketing
+ Email Marketing
+ Social Media Marketing
+ Web Analytics
+ Web and Graphic Design

I actively participate in marketing and information technology groups and am always expanding my relevant expertise to keep up with the constantly evolving online branding industry. What works today is not guaranteed to work tomorrow, but I can help ensure your marketing campaign is on-trend, putting your business far ahead of the pack – and keeping it there.

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business acumen plus creativity

Business Acumen + Creativity


I recognize the importance of a digital marketing expert having the professionalism and interpersonal skill set to work closely with developers, designers, social media specialists, and sales teams. Over many years working in technical marketing, I have continued to strengthen my innate business skills, such as diligence, self-motivation, taking initiative, and exploring creative solutions. These abilities, along with my education, offer my clients the peace of mind that I am able and willing to work closely with them, keeping the lines of communication open so that the result is a concerted effort that arises from a team-based developmental environment.

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Web & SEO/SEM Focused Educational Achievements

Web & SEO/SEM Focused Educational Achievements


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My educational background includes completion of advanced courses in Public Relations, Image Management, Effective Speaking, and Communications. Plus, I have earned technical diplomas in Computer Science, Electronic Data Processing & Computer Management. And, to ensure I can approach every project from all angles, I hold a Bachelor’s of Commerce with a Major in Finance, which helps me watch your business’ bottom line. This multidisciplinary education qualifies me as a specialist in the industry and shows on paper that I have what it takes to build your brand’s reputation into that of an engaging, clearly communicated, highly professional business – one that brings a unique offering to the industry.

That might seem like more than enough education, but I did not stop there. I continued my path to becoming the best in the industry by completing computer language courses and other relevant certifications, including becoming a Web Specialist/Adobe Certified Expert with Adobe Systems Incorporated. Why do I continue my pursuit of knowledge in the digital marketing field? For the same reason I maintain memberships in over two dozen web professional, e-marketing, and other relevant groups and associations around the world. I am committed to staying on top of the latest innovations, tools, and techniques in the industry in order to offer only the highest quality services to my clients.

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My Personal Background

My Personal Background


My dedication, work ethic, and ability to be a one-stop marketing solution are the result of watching my father, an interior decorator, run our family business. I sat at his feet, so to speak, watching all aspects of what it takes to manage and grow an enterprise that’s equal parts creative endeavor and a nuts-and-bolts operation. I learned valuable life and business lessons that I first put into practice as a young man and continue to use to this day. By packaging the strong work ethic and management skills I learned from my family business along with my education and years of hands-on experience, I have created winning marketing strategies for countless clients.

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My Digital Marketing Yantras

As a branding expert, I’ll match your company with the best Yantras – my tools of the trade – to create a strategic plan of attack for marketing success.

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My Brand Visibility & Awareness Techniques

A thorough business and branding check-up enables me to pinpoint areas of opportunity and create your most effective real-time ROI strategy.

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Business is all about branding. I need the best of the best technologies and tactics for optimal branding, and to do this, I attend events and conferences to discuss the latest digital marketing trends with fellow marketing experts.

SES Conferance Expo
Social Media Strategies Summit
Internet Summit
Moz Con
Demand Con
CMS Expo