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Our work is methodical, not magical.We explore, analyze, prepare, plan, and then present ideas.Our key to success is coming up with solutions that make sense in reality and are easy to understand, implement, manage, and track – like increasing web traffic by 70%, or achieving 50% of e-commerce sales thanks to search engine results. In 14+ years of online & onsite branding experience, the time I’ve taken to properly plan each project has consistently resulted in reduced cost & duration and increased impact over the life of the project.

It can be scary to put your professional image or product out there, waiting for the market to react, but I can guide you through the initial anxiety of online and onsite branding. With my marketing and technical experience, you can get your brand in front of more people, increase sales, and foster stronger customer loyalty.

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analyze explore current branding

Analyze Current Branding Activity
& Explore Opportunities


Even when it seems like a product or business is so great it will sell itself, there are always pros and cons to consider before word gets out. This is an essential first step in online branding, internet marketing, and ecommerce development: What’s the company vision, and in which direction do you want it to grow? Together we’ll review your business ethics, current marketing policies, ongoing branding strategy, company story, services and products, customer relations, current ROI, and online branding efforts. Then we will analyze the market to build an effective, real-time ROI strategy tailored to your needs and report back to you with opportunities we can explore.

It’s easy to overlook important facets in branding, but with my comprehensive experience, I’ll ensure you don’t forget a thing. For every brand promotion activity, I create checklists to hit all the key points needed to achieve goals & to keep our conversation on target and flowing consistently. Each checklist is an active document and needs to be refreshed on a regular basis.

Creative Brief Template – The starting point of every project, this helps avoid any misunderstandings and makes it easy for everyone on the team to know their responsibilities.

Brand Checklist – Summarizes the key points I need to communicate; keeps the speech consistent throughout our work together.

Promotional Audit – A thorough review of the desktop and mobile website, newsletter, and all other activity that represents the face of your brand; comparison to the promotional materials of every single competitor.

Technical Auditing – Check-up for the current site & SEO/SEM structure and activities.

SEO Auditing – Ensures your site is as optimized for search as possible.

You can also contact me for detailed case studies and questions that pertain to your unique situation.

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Prepare Plan and Tactics

Prepare Branding Plan & Technical Tactics


It is important to be able to manage the project proactively and ensure that everyone on the team has a common understanding of how each aspect of the implementation will be delegated. Before taking action, we will develop a detailed work plan with step-by-step procedures. With clear instructions for constructing project deliverables, managing the project, assigning resources, estimating the work, handling issues, calculating risk, ensuring quality, and maintaining communication start-to-finish, you’ll never have to question where we are in the process and where we are going next.

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Integrate & Go Live

Integrate Branding & Go Live


Now it’s time to transform our plan into a reality according to the structure I have developed & discussed with you. No matter what specific goals we are working to help you accomplish, our main focus will be to continuously improve your brand awareness on all major search engines, social media platforms, and well-known marketplaces. Your brand should be everywhere! The more places your products and services can be found online, the more often your ideal customers will contact you out of the blue.

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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization


So, what was the result of the campaign? New traffic, improved ROI, and more clients at the register! You might think that’s a lucky break, but it was the after-glow of a comprehensive marketing plan. A perfectly explored, analyzed, designed, and organized strategy will always lead to a quantifiable benchmark of success.

Ready to see your brand grow? It’s time to analyze the behavior of your customers, learn more about the shopping experience you provide, examine entry and exit points, and observe if audience attention waned after visiting certain pages

Analysis also includes noting the length of time visitors spend on your website to find out specific information, discover the most beneficial landing pages, monitor geographic and demographic data, and review other tracked information. This will help us create and customize attractive landing pages and an all-around effective digital marketing campaign.

You’ll have the foundation you need to develop brand promotion strategies that engage and build relations with your new customers, increase ROI, and lower the cost of conversion.

There is always that next level your company can reach with a little push from the right technological applications at the right time, and it takes a methodical approach to get there. Conversion optimization is about hitting all the right points to ensure your brand succeeds without wasting effort on pay-per-click ads that aren’t getting clicked, or writing incredible web content that isn’t getting read because it isn’t backed by the right promotional tools of the trade.

I am always excited to find the best cost-cutting solution to boost brand awareness + ROI for my clients.

E-mail me now to begin converting your casual website visitors into loyal customers.

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My Yantras

As a branding expert, I’ll match your company with the best Yantras – my tools of the trade – to create a strategic plan of attack for marketing success.