My Digital Marketing Yantras

Instruments of marketing expertise,
implemented selectively for
cost-effective solutions

How do I manage every detail of online branding activity effectively?

It seems like a lot for one person to juggle, but as an experienced web consultant, we have a broad set of instruments and vast scope of knowledge at my disposal. We filter out what doesn’t apply to your situation and use only tools that suit your company to customize an online marketing solution. The tools and technology that we implement for branding – my Yantras – are too numerous to list, but below we’ve detailed the major strengths of the most well-known and widely used. By selecting just the right cost-effective solutions for your situation, we’ll match your company with the most appropriate Yantras, simmering the recipe down to create a tailor-made solution for your branding success.

Some of these tools you may have heard of; some tools you may have even used yourself. When integrated creatively and technically into an online branding strategy, these tools are proven to build stronger customer relationships – but since everyone and their mom is using them, to get the best results you need an experienced web consultant who stays ahead of the pack. Ujjaval’s 14+ years of marketing experience and formulaic use of all his Yantras can help you take your business not just to the next level, but to the highest level in your industry and beyond!

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Icon Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools

We use the most efficient analytical tools to improve your local and global brand visibility. By monitoring and analyzing your website performance, your sales, your user engagement, the success of your social media campaigns, the impact of mobile on your business, and the performance of social, mobile, search, and display ads, we will be able to offer an accurate analysis and select the ideal solutions to increase your traffic. Beyond this, analytics gives me daily insight into how visitors use your site, how and where they arrive at your site, how your online performance stacks up against that of your strongest competitors, and how we can help you convert your casual website visitors into loyal customers.

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Icon Payper Click Advertising Tools

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tools

The best and quickest way to reach your target audience locally as well as globally is by using the same keyword (search term) that your target audience uses to find products and services related to your industry online. This tool gives you total control & flexibility to advertise your brand in specific languages and particular geographic regions.

No matter where you are located, what you are selling, or what your budget is, we will help you increase sales & improve your brand in both the local and international market using this power combo along with my experience and technical expertise of managing pay per click campaigns & utilizing the best pay per click services.

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Icon Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

You need an experienced technical SEO consultant working alongside you who can assess whether or not your efforts toward brand visibility are helping you appear in the major search engines. Using the digital marketing knowledge and expert understanding of webmaster tools, we resolve every single crawling, indexing, inbound linking, and external linking issue brought to light by major search engines (Google & Bing). We are then able to give you recommendations to avoid site crawling issues in the future and make sure that your website runs smoothly without penalties and adverse effects from quality indexing campaigns like Google Panda.

These tools also generate site link reports and search query reports that I can use to boost inbound link building, external link building, internal link building, pay per click marketing, and most importantly improve your brand visibility in local and global markets.

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Icon Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Very often companies can’t perform certain marketing activities because their system is not fully capable of optimizing the site or presenting the idea the way they want it presented. This is where content management systems (CMS) can help alleviate a lot of stress. For online branding, these systems like Drupal, WordPress & Cloud CMS are mandatory for managing all of your marketing efforts efficiently. To get you started, you need an experienced web consultant who knows the front and back of the system. Not only will we help you to promote your brand successfully, but we will also show you how to adjust the system according to your promotional requirements to get the word out on major search engines, social media channels, and well-known marketplaces. Our technical capabilities allow me to tune any CMS to make it user-friendly so you can elevate your marketing ideas as easily as you post an update on Facebook.

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Icon E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Platforms

The new era of e-commerce development requires a lot more than a great product and capital investment. You need a powerful e-commerce platform to help your brand engage your customers, create the personalized experience online shoppers have come to expect, analyze your customers’ activities to identify opportunities to reach and inspire them, and interact with your customers to understand their likes and dislikes. This attention to every detail will ultimately drive your repeat sales and brand loyalty.

Our first recommendation for an e-commerce platform is always Magento, an open-source solution. But even if you already have your perfect platform, a web consultant with extensive marketing and technical experience will help you fine-tune even the most advanced technology to suit your needs. Long story short, we promise to get you the best ROI!

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Rest assured that Ujjaval’s knowledge of digital marketing tools and technology is up-to-date and ever-expanding. But branding is not a one-man show, and we’ll ensure you’re actively involved in the process of communicating your business image and core values. In addition, we are well-connected with marketing and technical experts worldwide who have track records as excellent as my own, and we can reach out to them if necessary to ensure your marketing is well-suited to your needs and as well-executed as possible.

No matter what you want to accomplish through your marketing strategy, we can match you with the right technologies, set up your online marketing tactics, and ensure your involvement in the process is easy as can be.


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