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How Human resource (HR) can drive engagement and better conversions for your brand?

You can have all the tools and technology in the world, but at the end of the day, what really drives your company’s success is people. You already know that everyone who purchases your products is critical to your business’ survival and growth.

However, the real fuel for your organization’s fire comes from its own employees. That’s why, no matter what industry you’re doing business in, the value of human resources (HR) cannot be overlooked.

When employees are more satisfied and engaged with your business, they’re more likely to contribute to its success and HRs play a crucial role in this.

Happy humans, even in today’s technology-based and highly digitalized society, are still one of the most critical components to making or breaking corporate success. Furthermore, satisfied employees are, on average, twice as productive each day at work.

Encourage Employee Engagement

What makes your employees happy, and how can you keep them satisfied? First, let them be themselves. The real technique for personal branding encourages employees to express creativity and be themselves. Those individual traits can seem at odds with developing a cohesive corporate image, but they are actually quite valuable to improving ROI and driving corporate success.

The most successful companies do not ask employees to leave their personalities and opinions at door upon clocking in each day. Giving employees personal freedom makes them feel valued as a key part of the business (No micromanagement), and they’ll know the CEO, or team at the top, cares for their overall well-being.

Ideally, your employees have plenty of opportunity to grow and learn along with your company. I always say that creating harmony between the “personal” and “corporate” spheres does wonders for your business. Each employee has unique values and relates to different types of people. In turn, they can appeal to a wide audience, which can be translated into a very effective way to build a larger and more loyal consumer base.

Learning the Ropes: Corporate Branding 101

Your employees should understand and be able to explain what makes the company unique and stand out from – if not totally defeat – the competition. This is a vital strategy for any business looking to grow. After all, how will potential customers know what unique value your product or service has if each of your employees can’t even put their finger on it?

This is one area of business where human resources (HR) is absolutely critical. When employees are first brought on to work for the company, that’s the prime time to teach them about branding, communication policies, and workplace culture. If that process goes smoothly, it lays a foundation for active employee engagement.

As a business owner or manager, how can you know if your employees are engaging enough – or at all?

There are four main things to look for to understand employee engagement:

  • Everyday satisfaction in the workplace
  • Willingness to recommend the business as a place of work
  • Employee retention – or even consideration of leaving
  • Sense of pride to be part of the company


Engaged employees tend to create more delightful experiences for customers since they are more invested in the business and the product. Over time, consistently delivering customer experiences builds trust and credibility with your customer base.  Once you establish strong relationships with your customers, they become more likely to give referrals to their friends, and family. This, in turn, can boost your sales and revenue!